DNE 30th anniversary was a success!

Things are gradually getting back to normal here at the ELRC. The 30th anniversary celebrations for the Dictionary of Newfoundland English were a great success! Despite the rain and cold over the weekend, there was a great turnout. The story-telling event went extremely well with speakers telling their stories about the editors and their colleagues, giving the audience a little glimpse of the characters involved in the creation of the DNE. Some stories were funny, others were touching. Dr. William J. Kirwin was in attendance and received a standing ovation for his tireless research and dedication to the study of Newfoundland English and culture. Local musician Boyd Chubbs provided the perfect background to a lovely reception after the event and even finished off with some holiday cheer in the form of a Christmas carol.

The symposium on Saturday was full of interesting papers on a broad range of topics from an interdisciplinary roster of students and faculty, all celebrating Newfoundland and Labrador language, history, folklore and more! Reporters stopped by from the CBC and the Telegram. The Telegram feature was printed yesterday and you can read it by clicking here. During the ELRC tour, a couple of people offered new words that are not in the DNE cllection and enjoyed seeing the digitization interface in action as well as the double-keyboard typewriter that will now stay on display in the ELRC.

The anniversary celebrations have created some buzz outside of the university community as well with CBC running a contest earlier this morning asking listeners to call in with favourite words from or words that should be in the DNE.

Stay tuned for event pictures to be added next week and maybe a sound file or two from the story-telling event!

Thanks to the President’s office, the VP Academic, the Departments of English and Linguistics for co-sponsoring these events. A huge thank you to all the story-tellers, presenters, organizers, volunteers, and audience members who came together to celebrate with us!

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