Twig creator, Jenny Higgins, launches new book, Perished!

Big congratulations to Jenny Higgins, former ELRC Manager and Twig creator, on the launch of her new book Perished: The 1914 Newfoundland Sealing Disaster.

The launch is today, Thursday March 20, at Bitter’s Pub from 5-6:30. Everyone is welcome!


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2 Responses to Twig creator, Jenny Higgins, launches new book, Perished!

  1. Jean-Jacques says:

    This past Sunday March 30, 2014 I listened, as I usually do, to Eleanor Wachtel’s Writers & Company. The interview, with you Jennifer Higgins, on your book “Perished” was so moving that it inspired me to write a poem dealing with the lot of these poor men of those times, which I called “Survival” ~ no time for sorrow ~. I posted this poem on my poetry blog, “Poetry on a canapé”. I also posted a footnote on my blog following the poem that speaks of your book and where to order them, which by the way I anxiously ordered for myself right after your Sunday interview. I am now pleased to tell you I have since heard back, that readers of my blog have since ordered your book Perished.
    This is the poem your book inspired…

    “ Survival ”
    ~ no time for sorrow ~

    The day of the hunt
    Be the squeal of a seal,
    Who’ll reach for a hand
    Of a starved dying man,
    With no choice to save
    Or let live with a wave,
    That another day gives
    Either creature to live,
    With no time for sorrow
    Nor sealer to borrow,
    Holds he must stride
    To hunt many hides
    Or shan’t morrow survive,
    Nor halt downward slide
    Of living the narrows,
    For yesterday’s bread
    And a roof overhead,
    Man has no guarantee
    From fated seal barrow,
    Nor survival ahead
    Tho finds his way back,
    Before all freezes over
    And frost has him dead!
    ode to perished sealers
    © Jean-Jacques Fournier
    March 30, 2014

  2. Jean-Jacques says:

    Ops! I meant The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright on March 30th, and not Eleanor Wachtel, which I had watched later on. Sorry for the confusion. Great interview, great book, both an inspiration, and thus so for my poem “Survival” ~ no time for sorrow ~

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