Happy Anniversary to the DNE!

On November 13, 2014, the DNE celebrated its 32nd anniversary. On that date, ELRC Centre Manager Suzanne Power was interviewed on CBC Radio’s Morning Show in both St. John’s and Central Newfoundland.

The DNE Word-file Digitization Project is moving along steadily and we are coming across more handwriting queries all the time. Here is one from the P withdrawn section for the term pot-hunter. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a pot-hunter is:

“A person who hunts game for food or monetary gain rather than for sport; a sportsman who shoots indiscriminately or with no regard for the rules.”

We are having difficulty picking out the first note from the OED. We have figured out:

[OED pot- [inc]ler]

What do you think this card says?

Word-file for ‘pot-hunter’. Reproduced by permission of the English Language Research Centre, Memorial University, St. John’s, NL.


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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary to the DNE!

  1. Sandy Newton says:

    Here’s my guess to start the discussion:
    pot hunter
    NID – for “not in dictionary”? but the “D” is not like the other cap d’s, below …
    [8ED pot-fowler] – perhaps an 8th edition is talked about? plus the last word is difficult because there are no similar marks in this handwriting to compare it to … also, I was unsure about the initial symbol ( … maybe an arrow? something borrowed from shorthand?), but now I’m wondering if it’s simply the opening ” [ ”
    8ED 2 (1781– ) – both lines suggest to me that they are references to another source.
    I’m guessing an initial “8” because it looks like what’s in the “1871”

    • suzannepower says:

      Thanks, Sandy. I should have contextualized this card a little more. NID stands for Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, a very common abbreviation in the word-files, as is OED for Oxford English Dictionary. The word we were looking for seems to be pot-fowler. That’s the only word on this card that we couldn’t quite figure out. After consulting a few more dictionaries, it seems that it is indeed pot-fowler. So, this card indicates that ‘pot-hunter’ is found in the NID and OED. It also indicates that the OED has another possibly related word, ‘pot-fowler’.

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