Canadian Vowel Shift in the news

Clarke Canadian Vowel Shift 1995The Canadian Vowel Shift, first identified by ELRC Management Committee member Sandra Clarke in 1995, was a hot topic in the media this week. Following a piece in the August 10 2015 edition of Maclean’s magazine ( ) Dr. Clarke and fellow ELRC Management Committee member and linguist Dr. Paul De Decker each did short interviews about this major vowel change in Canadian English on 11 regional CBC morning radio shows throughout Canada, from St. John’s to Whitehorse. (To hear Sandra Clarke’s interview with Helen Mann on CBC Toronto’s Metro Morning, click here) Paul De Decker was also interviewed on this topic on CTV’s News Network; see his interview at

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2 Responses to Canadian Vowel Shift in the news

  1. Russell says:

    Is there anywhere where the sound files of examples cited in these articles can be accessed? None of the articles include links to any sources.

    • suzannepower says:

      Hi Russell,

      Not sure I understand your question. Two of the links are for radio/television interviews. The other from a Maclean’s article. What kinds of sound files are you looking for?


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