Participants Wanted for Study

Are you from the Cape Shore of Placentia Bay, the Carbonear-Bay Roberts area, Tilting / Fogo Island, Little Bay Islands/Green Bay, the Port au Port peninsula, or the Codroy Valley? There’s an interesting and exciting new study that needs your voice!

The Music of Dialect: An Electroacoustic Research-Creation Project

We are seeking participants to interview for a musical research and composition project about dialect and folksong in different regions of Newfoundland. The study will take about half an hour and you will be compensated $10 for your participation. We will be conducting interviews in your community between August 8th – 18th.

Willing participants will be asked to read aloud excerpts from Newfoundland folksongs. Then, they will be asked to respond to the texts and to answer some questions about their own experiences with this type of music. Interviews will be recorded for use in future stages of the project.

Any members of your community would be ideal candidates, but we would be especially interested in speaking with people who have lived in this community for most or all of their lives. Please contact us if you or someone you know may be interested.

Jason Noble

Steve Cowan


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1 Response to Participants Wanted for Study

  1. Eileen careen voisin says:

    Very curious about this study

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